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Login Security


This section allows you to reset the password for any User already added. Additional login security options (login without password, 2FA, SSO etc) will be added in the future. 

Must-Know About This Feature

If the password is reset then the User will not receive any emails. The new password should be shared with the user directly, if needed. Only admin users are able to reset the password. It is a good option to gain access to a Ganttic login when f.e. a person has left the company and admins need to take over to prevent the person from accessing Ganttic in the future. 

Reset a User's Password

  1. Open the USERS section 
  2. You can find it on the sidebar on the bottom left.

  3. Select a User by clicking on its name
  4. This will open the User permissions section. 

  5. Click on "SECURITY" tab on the left
  6. This will open the login security section.

  7. Type in a new password and click on "Reset password". 
  8. No emails are sent. If needed, the new password should be shared directly. 

    Only admin users are able to reset other Users' passwords. Here's how to change personal login passwordContinue with the next tabs on the left and set permissions for Custom Views, Reports, Projects and Resources or assign the User to a User group (group permissions will be applied). If you are done with specifying the permissions, go back to "USER DATA" tab and click on "+ SEND INVITATION". It will send the invitation to the specified email address for confirmation.

Users & Permissions >

Login Security