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If the Users are grouped by any category (f.e. managers, supervisors, consultants etc) then you can create custom User Groups and make sure that everyone assigned to these groups will have the same permissions as all the other members of the group. F.e. all managers can have edit rights for projects and resources while supervisors or consultants have read-only rights.

Must-Know About This Feature

If the User's permissions were specified before then assigning the User to a User group will override these permissions with the ones applied for the Group. If you remove a User from a User group then the permission from this group will still remain active. Change the permissions for the User manually if needed. 

Create a User Group

  1. Open the USERS section 
  2. You can find it on the sidebar on the bottom left.

  3. Click on "User groups" folder on top right
  4. This will open the list of existing User Groups. 

  5. Click on "+ ADD NEW" to create a new User Group
  6. This will open the Group's permissions section.

  7. Give the User Group a title and click on "Save". 
  8. This will active the permission tabs on the left.

    Specify Permissions for a User Group

    Specify the Group's permissions for Custom Views, Reports, Projects and Resources Follow the tabs on the left column. Save each section's rights via "Save" icon (on top). 

    User Group's Permissions for Resource Groups

    The User Group's permissions for Resources can also be specified for Resource Groups, not only for individual Resources. To apply the Group's permissions for a Resource Group select a group from the "Group resource by" list. All Resource Groups are created via List type Resource Data Fields

    Specify each Resource Group's or Resource's permissions if needed. 

Users & Permissions >

User Groups