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Since each User doesn't have to edit or even view each Resource, there are Resource editing rights in Ganttic. 

Must-know about this feature

Special Resource permissions will overwrite default Resource permissions. Resource permissions can only be applied to "User" type logins as "Admin" users can see and do everything by default. It is possible to apply permissions for Resource groups, not only for individual Resources. Resource groups are created via List-type Resource data fields. 

Default Resource Permissions 

Choose one of the following Resource permissions: 

  • Can see only selected Resources
  • The User is able to view selected Resources data but can't edit it. 
  • Can see Resources, can't add/edit Tasks
  • The User can see all Resources but can't edit add/edit Tasks. 
  • Can see Resources, can add/edit Tasks
  • The User can see all Resources and is able to add and edit them.

    Click on "Save resource rights" to apply the default permissions. 

Special Permissions by Resource

Special permissions will overwrite the default Resource permissions.
  1. Choose the editing rights for each Resource
  2. You can also choose rights for the one(s) you want to be excluded from the general rule. The "Hide" icon means that the particular Resource and its data is hidden.
    The "View only" icon means that the User has read-only access to selected Resource's data.
    The "Edit" icon means that the User can read and view, add and edit the Resource's Tasks.

    For example, if you have a User that only needs to edit the data and Tasks of a specific Resource, set the default permission to "Can only see selected resources", and set the special permissions to "Edit" or "View only" for that particular Resource. When this User logs in to the planner, they can only see this Resource and associated Tasks. 
  3. Click on "Save resource rights"
  4. The default Resource permissions will be overwritten. 

  5. Go back to "USER DATA" tab 
  6. Send out the invitation to the user by clicking on "+ SEND INVITATION".

Apply Permissions for Resource Groups

  1. Click on "Group resources by" and select a grouping option
  2. This will group your resources accordingly. "No grouping" is applied by default.

    Resource groups are created via List-type Resource Data Fields
  3. Apply a default permission for the entire group and/or specify permissions for each Resource
  4. Expand or collapse groups if needed. 

  5. Click on "Save resource rights" 
  6. Return to "USER DATA" tab on top left and click on "+ SEND INVITATION".

The User will receive a link to specified email to set a private password and accept the invitation. The User can then log into Ganttic with these permissions applied. User type, data, and permissions can be edited later by Admins. The User can edit personal data

Users & Permissions >

Resource Permissions