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Shifting Time Period


Shifting Time Period is the time period that you see every time you log into your planner. This feature lets you set a frame of time that will be displayed based on the present day. As the result of the following example you can always be sure that you see nearest 3 weeks period if you open this view. Or, in case of a single Project view, you can set the period based on the Project's current duration. 

Must-know about this feature

You can set a different default time period to each view. You can change the time period temporarily if you don't save it. Predefined presets are available but the custom dates can still be set. 

Set a Default Shifting Time Period 

    • Click on the "Time period" icon
    • You can see it on the View Panel.

  • Choose the from and to dates or apply a preset period 
  • You can choose between months, weeks, and days.

  • If you need more options, use the "Custom" section

  • For single Project Views it is possible to set a Shifting Time Period that reflects the Duration of the Project - period from the very first to the very last Task.

  •  Hit "Apply" (temporary) or "Apply and Save" (permanent) to apply the time period to the View

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Shifting Time Period