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Used Time is a special field that you can fill out manually to mark how much time it actually took to complete a Task. Multiple Used Time entries (with description) per Task is enabled. 

Must-know about this feature

You can compare Busy Time to Used Time to see the difference between planned hours (Busy time) and reality (Used Time). This comparison can give valuable information for future scheduling purposes. For that, you can use "Used time" and "Busy time" Report fields to generate comparative data columns of any of your piece of data. If the Task is being worked on multiple sprints, you can make more than one Used Time entry with dates. Each entry can be submitted with a text description. This helps to track how many hours have already been spent on the Task, i.e the completion rate. 

Insert Used Time

  1. Click on a Taskbar
  2. This will open the Task Dialog. 
  3. Click on "Used time"
  4. You'll find the "Used time" icon on top of the Timing section.

  5. Select a date for the entry and insert hours and minutes
  6. Add comments below.

  7. Click on "Add time entry" 
  8. The first Used Time entry is added to the right side of the dialog.

  9.  Insert another entry, if needed and click on "Add time entry"
  10. It will be added to the log on the right.

  11. The total of Used Time entries will be displayed above
  12. Click on the back-arrow to return to the main Task dialog.
The Used Time icon will have a green square indicating that there are entries made.

A light-colored stripe/graph on the Taskbar reflects the completion rate/Used Time compared to Task Busy Time/planned hours.

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Used Time