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The magical Data Fields! As you might know, you can add almost any kind of data to your Resources and Projects. Tasks are no exception. Since we know you schedule all sorts of assignments and bookings using the Resource Planning tool, we also know that all these Tasks need different data to go with them. Using Task Data Fields, you can add links, connect Users to Tasks, add numeral data that you can later use in Reports, add simple text values for comments etc, check a box for simple Yes/No answers or add "List" type Data Fields for tracking Task status and coloring. So yes, you do have quite a lot of options to choose from. If you are importing data, you can also import Data Field values but the fields have to preexist in Ganttic beforehand.

Must-know about this feature

For Taskbar Coloring, use "List" type Data Fields. After you have added a Data Field to one Task, the label will appear in all of the Task Dialogs. You still do have to add values to each Task separately. You can apply a default value for each Data Field or force Users to select a value. 

Add a Task Data Field

  1. Click on a Task
  2. This will open the Task dialog.
  3. Click on "Data Fields"
  4. This will open the Task Data Fields edit dialog.

  5. Click on "+ ADD NEW"      
  6. This will open the Data Field type selection dialog.

  7. Select a suitable Data Field type
  8. This example is based on the "List" type.

    task data field
    If you need to enter any text then you can choose between 4 Text-type Task Data Fields. Each with different size, depending on how much text you need to insert: 

    Single row: 

    Multi-row small: 

    Multi-row medium: 

    Multi-row large: 

  9. Give the Data Field a name, type in one value at a time and hit "Enter" or "+"
  10. Select a color for each value. You can edit the values later. 

    To rearrange the values, drag them up or down using the cross icon on the left of each value. To remove a value, click on the Bin icon on the right.

    You can select a default value for this Data Field. This means a value is already selected from the list for all the Tasks.

    "Show value on taskbar" will display the selected value on the Taskbar in the Chart. 

    Check the "Required" box if you want to force the Users to select a value from this "List" type Task Data Field.

    Required Task Data Fields are marked with a * symbol. The Users can save the Task only if a value is selected from the required Data Field. Otherwise the "Save" icon will not work and the required field will be displayed in red. 

  11. Click on "Save" once you are done
  12. You will be redirected back to the Task Data Fields dialog.
  13. Click on the back-arrow (or add another Data Field)
  14. This will redirect you back to the main Task Dialog. 

  15. Select a value for the Task in the Data Field drop-down menu
  16. Click on "Save" upon completion.

      Remember to add values to other Tasks as well.

Tasks >

Task Data Fields