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History for Tasks


Don’t miss a beat when anyone on your team changes the plans. 

Ganttic keeps track of all changes made to your Tasks, Projects, and Resources. Allowing you to view each section’s History. 

Must-Know About This Feature

The History of Tasks (as well as History of Notes, Projects and Resources) cannot be updated or deleted. Providing an unaltered recap of the selected Task.

All Tasks that are visible to the User (both “View only” and “Edit” ones) will show up in the History log. That is unless selected Resources (and related Tasks) are hidden from the User entirely. A complete Account History log, covering all the items in a single list, can be accessed by admins only. 

Task History is not available for reporting. 

You can search the log for specific time frame, item, action, object, user, etc. using the fields at top of the list.

View Task History Log

  1. Click on a Task
  2. This will open the Task Dialog. 
  3. Click on "Task history"
  4. You'll see the changes made to the Task along with the time the changes were made and who made them.

  5. Use the fields on top of the list to find a specific time frame, user, action, item etc. 
  6. Click on the back-arrow to navigate back to the main Task Dialog.

    Use Task History to keep an eye on your Tasks.

    If it seems that the Duration of the Task you planned has changed, just peek into the History section and crack the case open. Similarly, you can check if a Task was reallocated to another Resource. As well as when and who reallocated it. 

    Check out our article on this update for some more uses and benefits of logs

Tasks >

History for Tasks