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Concurrent Tasks and Utilization Graphs


Sometimes people need to work on multiple Tasks within the same time period. Ganttic allows you to schedule multiple Tasks to one Resource. These Concurrent Tasks can be scheduled fully or partially for the same time period.

Check out our blog post for more tips on how to schedule concurrent tasks more effectively

Must-know about this feature

In case of overlapping the load will exceed 100%. You have to manually adjust the Utilization of Concurrent Tasks since the default Utilization of each Task is by default 100%.

Schedule a Concurrent Task

  1. Add a Task to the same Resource line where you already have some Tasks
  2. This will add a Concurrent Task to the Gantt chart.

  3. Give the task a title and assign a project to it, and click on 'Save'
  4. Like you would normally do when adding a new Task.

    Since both Tasks are automatically full-time (100%) ones, the Utilization Graph indicates (red) that the Resource is overloaded in the area where the two Tasks overlap. To see the pop-up showing the load % simply hover your cursor over the Graph.

  5. Adjust the Utilization of each Task
  6. Set the desired Utilization for both of the Tasks and click on "Save" if complete. 
Alternatively, you can make one of the Tasks shorter or Drag and Drop it to another date to avoid overlapping. Research has shown we can't multitask anyway.

Tasks >

Concurrent Tasks and Utilization Graphs