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Assign Tasks to Multiple Resources


Understand how much each Resource is used and strengthen the utility of a Task by adding additional Resources as desired. Multi-resource Tasks allow a more well-rounded control of your Projects by letting you be able to keep up with the variables used. View real-time calculation of your Resource Utilization, such as Duration, Work Time, Busy Time, and Used Time to keep track of your Projects instantly and accurately.

Must-know about this feature

If you assign a Task to multiple Resources at once, the Tasks will be connected. If you change one, others will change as well. If you want to delete the Task completely, select "Delete" from the Task Dialog. If you want to remove the Task from specific Resources, click on the checkmark again while the Task Dialog is open or open the "Task resources" section and hit the X icons. 

Assign a Task to multiple Resources

  1. Click on a Task
  2. This will open the Task Dialog. 
  3. Next to Resource Titles, checkmarks will appear
  4. Click on the checkmarks that are next to the Resources you want to add the Task to.

  5. Click "Save" on the right upon completion
  6. Now, you have booked a Task to selected Resources.

    task multiple resources

  7. The newly assigned tasks show up in other resources' timelines
  8. Click on them to edit.

    task multiple resource
If you edit one of the Tasks that is connected to multiple Resources, other Tasks will change, too, as it is a shared Task. However, the load (Busy Time) of the Task is not shared automatically. You can make the Tasks half shorter or consider using the Split feature instead of sharing the Task.  
Inside the shared Task Dialog you can see how many Resources are connected.

If the 'Task resources' section is opened then all connected Resources are displayed. You can detach the Task from a Resource by clicking the X. This will delete the Task from the Resource's timeline. 

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Assign Tasks to Multiple Resources