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Utilization Graphs Settings


From here you can enable or disable Utilization Graphs and select colors for each Utilization Graph interval.

Must-know about this feature

If enabled then the Graphs will be available across the account but they can be disabled for each View separately from Visibility Settings

Enable/disable Utilization graphs

    1. Click on "UTILIZATION"
    2. You can find it on Settings menu on the left.

    3. Toggle the switch to enable or disable Utilization Graphs
    4. Click on "Save" if done.

      Notice the colored lines/Graphs on top the Taskbars. Hover your mouse over them to see the utilization % of the Task for the period. 

      Adjust Utilization Graph Intervals and Colors

    • Adjust intervals and select corresponding colors
    • Click on "Save" if done.

    > Proceed to "API Token"

    Settings >

    Utilization Graphs Settings