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Public National/Bank Holidays & Working Time


In this section you can add National/Public Holidays to the chart, set Business Days & Hours and Visible Days/Hours in the Chart. 

Must-know about this feature

Public Holidays here are the National/Bank Holidays of a selected country. If added to the chart, then they are visible in all Resources' Timelines. It is possible later to remove them if needed from the same place ("Remove holidays" icon will be in place of "Add holidays"). Only Admin Users are able to add and remove Public Holidays. 

Add National Public Holidays to the Chart

      1. Click on "WORKING TIME"
      2. You can find the icon on the left sidebar.

      3. Select a country from the dropdown list 
      4. Open the drop-down by clicking on the field.

      5. Click on "Add holidays"
      6. Click "OK" to confirm. It might take a few seconds until the Holidays are added. 

      7. Reload/refresh the app 
      8. Or click "OK" to remove the message.

        Public Holidays are added to all Resources' Timelines

        Set Business Days/Hours & Visible Days/Hours in Chart

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        Public National/Bank Holidays & Working Time