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Account History Log


Ganttic keeps track of all the changes made to your Tasks, Projects, and Resources. Allowing you to view each section’s history from a single account History log page. 

Must-know About This Feature

None of the History log entries can be altered or deleted. So you'll have full access to everything that's happened when you weren’t looking. You can search for a specific date range, user, event, item, action, etc. Plus, this is the only place where Admin users can recover deleted Data Fields. 

Account History Log is available for Admin users only. 

View Account History Log

  1. Click on Ganttic's logo on top left
  2. This will open the account's History log.

  3. Click on the fields on top of the list to search within a specific date range, action, user, event, status etc.
  4. Click and select a value from the drop-down or type in the criteria manually.

  5. Click on the field headers/titles to sort any column by A-Z or Z-A
  6. The up- or down-arrow will indicate which option is applied. 

  7. To view each item's History log, scroll to the right and click on the three-dotted icon
  8. Then click on "Open resource", "Open task" etc, depending on the item. 

  9. Restore deleted Data Fields 
  10. This log is the only place from where the admins are able to trace and restore deleted Resource's, Task's and Project's Data Fields. Simply find the log line that marks the deletion, click on the three-dot icon on the left, click on "Restore item" and reload the app: 

    The general account History Log is available for Admin users only. Regular Users can still view the separate History logs for Tasks (depends on User's Resource permissions), Resources (depends on User's Resource permissions) and Projects (depends on User's Project permissions). 

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Account History Log