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By creating Data Fields you can easily group your Resources by custom values such as location, department, skillset and more. There's also existing field types: List, Check, Text, Number, Date, User, Link. We will use "List" as it's the only one to create custom Resource Groups. It helps you to categorize your Resources and add specific data to them. To have a quick overview, you can later filter Resources by these criteria and even save it to a view.

Must-know about this feature

Use Data Fields to add information to your Resources. If you add a Data Field to one Resource, the field will appear in all of the Resource dialogs. However, you have to add values to Data Fields to each Resource individually. "List" type Data Field values can be used for grouping Resources. In addition, it is now possible to make the selection or adding a value of a Data Field mandatory for Users. Also, a default value for each Data Field can be applied. Depending on how much text you need to insert, there are 4 types of Text Data Fields to choose from: Single row, Multi-row small, Multi-row medium, Multi-row large.

Create a Data Field

  1. Click on "RESOURCES" icon on the left sidebar
  2. This will open the list with detailed information about Resources.

  3. Click on "Data Fields"
  4. This will open existing Data Fields edit section and allows you to add new ones. Click "+ ADD NEW" to add a new Data Field.

  5. Choose a suitable Data Field type 
  6. The selection depends on what data you want to insert. 

  7. Select "List" from the list
  8. We'll use this as it's the only one for creating custom Resource Groups.

    Resource Groups are a great way to have a better overview of your Resources by different parameters they have. For example, if you are taking on a new Project and are wondering if your designers have enough free time, a Data Field with a skillset is what you need.
      For simple Yes/No answers use the "Check" type Data Field. 

      Depending on how much text you need to insert, there are 4 types of Text Data Fields to choose from:
        Single row:

        Multi-row small:

        Multi-row medium: 

        Multi-row large: 

    1. Give the field a title and insert the list values. Hit "Enter" on your keyboard for another "NEW VALUE" box to appear
    2. That way you can add values to the list you can later choose from.

      You can select a default value for this Data Field. This means a value is already selected from the list for all Resources. 

      "Show value in chart" will display the selected value below the Resource name if Medium chart row height is applied from Settings > Chart > Chart Row Height

      Check the "Required" box if you want to force the Users to select a value from this "List" type Resource Data Field.

      In the Resource dialog the required fields will be marked with a * symbol. If previously created Data Fields are made mandatory then the Users are still able to save the Resource without selecting a value. If the Data Field is made mandatory upon creation then the Resource cannot be saved unless a value is selected (the field will be displayed in red). 

    3. Click on "Save" icon on top
    4. You'll be back in the Resource Data Fields dialog where you can see the new Data Field. Click on the back-arrow to return to the initial Resource Dialog window. 

        Add a Value to an Existing Data Field

          1. Select a value from drop-down/add a link or a date/write the value in the textbox
          2. The type of data you can enter depends on the field type you have selected.
          3. Click "Save" upon completion
          4. The data you have entered applies only to the Resource you added the data to.

        In this example, we are using "List" but as you can see you can add "Number" for salary or budget calculations in Reports or "User" to connect the User and a Resource or "Link" to add a photo or a file to the Resource etc. Anything to make your Resource plan more flexible.

            Group Resources using Data Field Values

          1. At the top of any View, click on the Grouping icon
          2. This will open the options for the View.
          3. Select a value/group from the menu
          4. The groups are created using "List" type Data Fields and Projects. 

              • Your Resources are now grouped accordingly
              • You can save the grouping to the View or selected another grouping option the same way.

              Resource planning software can group resources by location, department, core skill etc

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