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Don’t miss a beat when a new task is about to start or end. Ganttic keeps you notified via email about the start, end or custom Milestone of scheduled Tasks exactly when you want it. This feature is available for Resources only.

Must-know about this feature

The reminders will be sent to the personal login email address you use for your Ganttic account. It is not possible to set up email Reminders for other Users. Reminders can be activated for selected individual Resources one-by-one. Setting up Reminders for multiple Resources is allowed. Both admin and regular Users can set up Reminders. Regular Users can't use this feature when the Resource is hidden from them but with "View-only" Resource permission it's still available. 

Set up Resource Reminders

    1. Click on a title of a Resource (in the chart or in the list view)

    2. Click on the "Reminders and notifications" icon

    3. Click on "Add reminder"
    4. This will open Resource Reminder settings. 

    5. Configure Reminder timing
    6. Select parameters from the list.

      'Start' and 'End' are fixed options as these reflect the start and end of a task. The "Deadline" option is generated by the 'Date' type task data field that contains a date value. You can add your own 'Date' type data fields to tasks and use it as one of the reminder timing parameter.  
    7. To add a task condition to the reminder, click on "Add condition"
    8. This will open the condition dialogue. 

      The conditions are based on the 'List' type task data fields and their values. Multiple conditions are allowed. Simply click on 'Add condition' to insert the next one. Click on the 'X' to remove a condition. If no conditions are applied then the reminder will be sent for all tasks scheduled for this particular resource. 
    9. Click on "Activate reminder"
    10. You'll be back in the "Resource notifications" window.

    Remove Resource Reminders

  1. Click on the X to remove the Reminder
  2. Click OK to confirm.

    In the general Resource Dialog there's a green indicator that a Reminder is activated.

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    Reminders for Resources