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Don’t miss a beat when someone on your team makes any changes to the Tasks, adds in new ones, deletes existing ones or inserts notes to them. Ganttic can send you email Notifications about all these Resource Task changes exactly when you want it. This feature is limited to Resources only. 

Must-know about this feature

By default, the notifications will be sent to the personal login email address you use for your Ganttic account and to the specified Users. If other recipient Users are not specified then only you will receive the email Notifications. Notifications can be activated for selected individual Resources one-by-one, meaning they are Resource-specific. Setting up Notifications for multiple Resources is allowed. Since the main "Notify when" rule is limited to a single selection, you can add multiple notifications for a single Resource. Both admin and regular Users can set up Notifications. Regular Users can't use this feature when the Resource is hidden from them but with "View-only" Resource permission it is still available.  

Set up Resource Notifications

  1. Click on a title of a Resource (in the Chart or in the List View)
  2. This will open the Resource Dialog. 
  3. Click on the "Reminders & notifications" icon
  4. You can find it on the general Resource Dialog's feature panel.

  5. Click on "Add notification"
  6. This will open Resource Notifications settings.

  7. Select "Notify when" option
  8. Only one rule per Notification is allowed. Use multiple separate Notifications if needed. 

  9. Click on "Add condition" 
  10. Select the field, rule and value from the lists. 

      The conditions are based on the "List" type Task Data Fields and their values. Multiple conditions are allowed. Simply click on "Add condition" to insert the next one. Click on the 'X' to remove a condition. If no conditions are applied then the notifications will be sent for all tasks scheduled for this particular resource.
  11. Apply Notification settings
  12. Tick the check-boxes to select the criteria and insert Notification timing. 

    To avoid getting email Notifications about changes applied by yourself simply enable the "Notify only when other users change the task" option:

  13. Click on "Select Users" to add other recipients 
  14. This will open the User Access section.

  15. Select the Users and click on "Select". 

  16. Click on the X to remove a User from the list. 
  17. Click on "Activate notification".
  18. You will be redirected to the general "Resource notifications" dialog. 

    Remove Resource Notifications

    Click on the X on the right
    Click 'OK' to confirm.

    In the general Resource Dialog there's a green indicator that reminders and/or Notifications are enabled. 

Resources >

Notifications for Resources