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Your team is able to add Notes to each Resource to describe changes made or comment on issues. The feature is also available for Tasks and Projects.

Must-know About this Feature

The blue notification displays the total number of Notes added to a Task. The red one indicates the number of unread/new Notes of the Task. The blue notification (total) can be switched off via Settings > Taskbar > Note icon. The red notification (new notes) cannot be disabled. Notes can be accessed via Resource dialog or directly by clicking on the blue and red notifications (also available in Resource List View.) Notes cannot be edited. Only admin users are able to delete notes.  

Add Notes to Resources

Use this option if you need to access already read Notes as these will not be notified via
notification icons
  1. Click on the title of a Resource
  2. This will open the Resource Dialog.
  3. Click on "Notes"
  4. "Resource notes" icon can be found above Data Fields.

  5. Type your text into the text-box and hit "Add note"
  6. Once added, you can see it on the right.

Some resource planning gurus change Resource Groups if they need to. If you are one of them or someone at your organization is, you can use Resource History to see what the initial group was and when the switch was made. 

    Visual Notifications for Resource Notes

    1. Click on the red notification icon
    2. This will open the Notes section for selected Resource.

        The number is the total count of new Resource Notes.
    3. Insert a new Note and/or close the dialog via X on the top right or Back-arrow on the top left!

    4. It is possible to activate email notifications for Notes added to Resource's assignments/Tasks.

Resources >

Notes For Resources