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Stay in the know if anyone on your team changes up the plans. Ganttic keeps tabs on all changes made to your Tasks, Projects, and Resources. Providing a view of each section’s history.

Must-know About This Feature

This feature is available across Tasks, Projects, and Resources. On top of that, there is also an Account History Log that only Admins can access.

The Resource history cannot be altered or deleted, so you have full access to what has happened when you weren’t looking. You can search for a specific date range, user, event, item, action etc. Resource History logs aren't available for reporting.
Regardless of the User’s exact Resource permissions the User can see the History log of all Resources that are not hidden from his/her timeline.

View Resource History Log

  1. Click on a title of a Resource (in the Project or Custom View or in the List view)
  2. This will open the Resource dialog. 
  3. Click on "Resource history" to view past actions on the Resource
  4. It can be found above Data Fields.

  5. You'll see all the changes made to the Resource
  6. Find a specific action, user, event, item etc using the fields on top of the list. 

  7. Click on the field headers/titles to sort any column by A-Z or Z-A
  8. The up- or down-arrow will indicate which option is applied

  9. Click on the back-arrow to navigate back to the main Resource dialog

Resources >

History For Resources