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Speed up your planning process and discover grouping on Ganttic to fully utilise its features. Group your Resources by Projects (fixed groupings) or by Resource parameter values (custom groupings). Grouping your Resources helps you to have a quick overview of projects, locations, department or any other custom category. 

Must-know about this feature

Resource groupings are created using resource "List" type Data Fields.

Add a Resource Group

  1. Open Grouping section on the top left of View Panel
  2. A list of grouping options will appear. 

  3. Choose the desired Grouping option
  4. You can choose from fixed and Resource Data Field based groupings.
  5. Apply the desired option
  6. Your Resources will be grouped accordingly.
You can combine different filtering and grouping options on the go or save them to the view permanently. If you don't save the options you have made, they will be canceled with a reload.

Rearrange Resource Groups' Order

  1. Click on the title of a Resource Group
  2. This will open the pop-up Dialog.
  3. Click on the "=" symbol beside the Resource Group's title
  4. Drag and release the data labels to the desired order.
  5. Hit "Save" upon completion
  6. The order of the groups will be changed accordingly.

    Make sure you haven't sorted Resource Groups by "Title". It should be "Custom order". Otherwise, the order of Groups is not displayed as expected. 

Resources >

Grouping Resources