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Before this update, you only had two options: to create a public or a private Report. The first was accessible for each and every one of the users of your Ganttic account, the second was only accessible for you. Now you can specify users who have access to that particular Report. 

Must-know about this feature

Admin users can activate one of the following three Report modes: Private, Public, Selected Users but they are aöö Private by default.The private mode is obvious – only you can access the Report. With the "public" and "selected users" option you can choose whether they can use the Report settings to either add filters or change other settings to their needs or liking. If you choose to lock the Report settings, they can not make any changes to Report settings. If you choose not to lock the Report settings, the users can’t permanently overwrite the Report settings you have chosen. However, they can make changes on the go. Meaning the changes cannot be saved and if the user is making changes to Report settings, the settings won’t be changed for everyone. In addition, the "selected users" option allows you to choose the users the settings are applied to. All other users are not able to access the view. If a regular user has the permissions to create Reports then he is able to create Private Reports only. 

Apply Report Permissions

  1. Open a single Report
  2. You can access the full list of Reports via REPORTS icon on the (left) sidebar.

  3. Click on the "Private" Report Permission icon on top right
  4. This will open the permissions dialog. 

  5. Select a Report mode
  6. Click on the square on the left to make you choice. 

Only you can see, edit, and manage reports in private mode. Your team members are able to access it once you make it public or share it with specific users.In public mode the Report is accessible to all users. If you don't want the users to make any changes to the Report then lock report settings. You can find the option on the right.

Share the Report with Selected Users

  1. Choose the "Selected users" option and click on "Selected users"
    This will open the "User Access" list.

    If you don't want the users to have any option to change the report settings/parameters then apply the "Lock report settings" option. If you choose not to lock the Report settings, the users can't permanently overwrite the report settings you have chosen but they can make changes on the go, meaning the settings won’t be changed for everyone.
  2. Select one or more users and click on "Save"
  3. You will be forwarded back to "Report permissions" dialog.

  4. Click on "Save" to apply the permissions
  5. Or edit the permissions and/or remove Users with access to the view.

    To cancel the settings and close the "Report permissions" dialog simply click on the "Report Permissions" icon on top left. 

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Report Permissions