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Special Permissions for Projects


When you create a project you can choose which users are able to edit its details and tasks. That's a useful feature for those of you that are planning resources for a project portfolio, and you have multiple managers that do the planning. It can happen that resources get allocated to another project without consent. Special permissions help to avoid that. 

Must-know about this feature

Administrators can still view and edit all the projects and tasks regardless of the special permissions. If you don't add any special permissions, all the user rights that have been set before still apply. Project's 'Special permissions' icon can be accessed only via single project views. 

Restrict editing to selected users

  1. Open a single project view
  2. Find and open the single project view in the project list view, or when resources are grouped by projects.
  3. Click on 'Project' on top left
  4. This will open the project's settings dialog.

  5. Click on 'Permissions' icon on the toolbar
  6. This will open the special permissions section
  7. Select 'Selected users'
  8. Click on 'Select users' on the right.
    User rights and project rights work hand in hand. If you give access to your project for a certain user but they don't have access to the resources attached to the project, they are still limited by their resource rights.
  9. Select a user from the list
  10. You can select multiple users.

  11. Click on 'Save' 
  12. You will be forwarded back to 'Project Permissions' dialog

  13. Click on 'Save' to apply the permissions
  14. The users with editing permissions are listed on the right. 

    The project rights you have selected apply to all of the tasks that are connected to that project, too. A padlock in front of the task title symbolizes that.

    project editing rights to tasks
    So even if a user has rights to add and edit projects in general and has access to all of the resources, but you don't give them rights to your project, they won't be able to change any of the tasks you have created for the said project. 

Projects >

Special Permissions for Projects