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There are a myriad of reasons why you need to postpone a Project. Most commonly it's due to Resource constraints or complications with the budget. Even more often – since you are in the Project Portfolio Management world – it's because of both. As such, it's now possible to shift all of the Tasks and Milestones connected to a Project back or forth on the Timeline. You can also choose to split the Project, allowing you to shift only the Tasks and Milestones before, or after the time of the split.

Must-know about this feature

It helps to start by looking at the troubled project in its entirety. Open a single Project View first and make sure all Tasks are visible. You can shift the entire Project along its Tasks and Milestones. Or split-shift and postpone only some of its Tasks. The latter means you can select a split date for the shift. Once the shift has been done it cannot be reverted automatically, but you can do it manually Task by Task. It is possible to shift overlapping Tasks or Milestones that start before and end after the split time in full or have them split into separate parts. 

Shift the Entire Project

  1. Open a single Project View
  2. From the project list view

  3. Click on "Shift project" icon
  4. This will open the Shifting options dialog.

  5. Select the first Shift type
  6. It is selected by default in first use.

  7. Click on the Calendar icon on the right and select a new Start Date
    The start of the Project is the Start Date of the first Task.

    If the Project has Milestones ("Date" type Data Fields) then you can choose these date values as the start or end dates and change the dates from the calendar below. 

  8. Click on "Shift project" icon on the left
  9. Click "OK" to confirm.

Shift a Part of the Project

  1. Open a single Project View 
  2. You can access it from the Project List View.

  3. Click on "Project" on the upper left 
  4. This will open the Project settings dialog.

  5. Click on "Shift project" icon 
  6. This will open the Dialog with Shifting options.

  7. Select the second Shift type 
  8. This will activate the split-shift options on the right.

  9. Click on the Calendar icon to choose a split date 
  10. The split time is always 00:00 of selected date.

    "After the split time" option will shift all Tasks and Milestones after the selected split date. All items before the split date will remain in their initial dates. If you want to move overlapping Tasks or Milestones that start before and end after the split time, make sure to select a suitable option. "Split tasks" will split overlapping tasks. "Extend tasks" will simply make the overlapping task longer. "Shift tasks unchanged" will move the Task without splitting or extending it. "Do not shift tasks" will keep the overlapping Tasks in the same dates. 

  11. Click on "Shift project" 
  12. Click "OK" to confirm.

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Shifting Projects