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Project List and Kanban View


Project List View gives you an overview of all active or archived Projects that you can open, delete or archive in bulk. Even Data Fields can be added and managed here. Data Fields are also shown on top of the list for quick filtering options. Projects can be sorted by Project colors and the column width is now adjustable for better visibility. Project notes can be read directly in the List view without having to open the Project dialog or Single View. The Project list can be switched over to Kanban view to manage the Projects by any User-defined Data Field values (status, deadline, managers etc).

Open Project List View

  • Click on "PROJECTS" icon
  • You can find it on the left Sidebar.
  • The Projects will be displayed in List
  • You can switch to Kanban mode at any time. Last used option will be not be lost after next login or reload.   

    Open, Archive or Delete Projects

    • Select one or many Projects
    • The action icons are on top of Data Fields.

      Filter Projects by Data Fields

      • Type in the criteria or select a value from the list
      • Data Fields are located on top of the list.

        In case of "List" type Data Fields, multiple selections are allowed.

        Sort Project by Data Fields

        • Click on the Data Field headers to sort Projects
        • The headers are on top of the list.

          Sort Projects by Project Colors

          1. Project colors are displayed on the left side of the page
          2. Click on top of the column to sort.

            Change the Width of Project List Columns

            • Hover your cursor over the areas marked with a red line
            • Click and drag to stretch out the columns.

              View Project Notes in List or Kanban Mode

            1. Click on the blue or red icon to view Project Notes

              1. Blue icon indicates how many Notes are added. Red one indicates the number of unread Notes.

              Switch to Kanban Mode

            1. Click on "Kanban"
            2. And select a Data Field for Column data.
              Column data is based on "List" type Project Data Fields and their values. These can be created and edited at any time!
          3. The Projects are now displayed by Status
          4. All Projects without a value will be in the "No value" section on the left. 

          5. Click-drag-release a Project from one folder to the other

          • Click on the header of the Data Field/Status to close or open the section
            Applied settings will be lost after next login or reload. 

Projects >

Project List and Kanban View