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Same way as you can add Data Fields to Resources and Tasks, you can add them to Projects. The field types are fixed: Text, Check, Number, List (colouring), Date (milestones), User, and Link. The possibilities, on the other hand, are endless. We know it's a cliche, but really they are. For example, you can add pictures to your Project with the Link option, or add the contacts number trough the Number option. Basically, if your Projects have data that you need to fit into the planner, Data Fields are the way to do it. 

Must-know about this feature

You can add Data Fields from the Project dialog or in the List View. You can also add Milestones through Data Fields. The Data Fields you have added will appear in all of the Project dialogs but you have to add a value for each Project individually. In addition, it is now possible to make the selection or adding a value of a Data Field mandatory for Users. Also, a default value for each Data Field can be applied.

Add a Project Data Field

  1. Click on "PROJECTS" icon on the left sidebar
  2. This will open the Project List View

  3. Click on "Data Fields" 
  4. You'll find it on the top right of the list.

  5. Click on "Add new"
  6. This will open the Data Field types section.

    "Date" type Data Fields can be used to add Milestones to your Projects.
  7. Select a Data Field type 
  8. We will make this example based on the List type. 

    For simple Yes/No answers use the "Check" type Data Field.

    If you need to enter any text then you can choose between 4 Text-type Project Data Fields. Each with different size, depending on how much text you need to insert:

    Single row: 

    Multi-row small: 

    Multi-row medium: 

    Multi-row large: 

  9. Give the Data Field a name and insert the list values. Hit Enter or + for another "NEW VALUE" box to appear
  10. That way you can add values to the list you can later choose from. Click on "Save" on top. 

    You can use "List" type Data Fields for colouring Tasks and to report Project progress if the Data Field label is updated continuously.
    You can select a default value for this Data Field. This means a value is already selected from the list for all Projects.

    Check the "Required" box if you want to force the Users to select a value from this "List" type Project Data Field.

    In the Project details dialog the required Project Data Fields are marked with a * symbol. If previously created Data Fields are made mandatory then the Users are still able to save the Project without selecting a value. If the Data Field is made mandatory upon creation then the Project cannot be saved unless a value is selected (the required field will be displayed in red).

    In the Project Data Field list required fields are marked accordingly. 

  11. The new Data Field "Status" has been added to the bottom of the list
  12. Hit the back-arrow to return to the initial Project List

  13. Open a Project dialog and select a value from the list
  14. Click on "Save" if done

Projects >

Project Data Fields