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Your team is able to add Notes to each Project to describe changes made or comment on issues. The feature is also available for Tasks and Resources

Must-know about this feature

Notes cannot be altered. Project Notes cannot be used in Reports or with the mobile app. If you need these options to be available, please use a "Text" type Project Data Field instead. Your team will be notified with a Visual Notification icon above the Project title after you have added a Note (also available in Project List and Kanban View). New Project Notes are indicated via red Visual Notifications. Click on the Notification icon for direct access. Notes cannot be edited. Only admin users are able to delete notes. 

Add Notes to a Project

  1. Click on a Project's title
  2. This will open the Project dialog.
    Group Resources by Projects in Chart View or use the Project List and Kanban View to see the titles.
  3. Click on "Notes" icon 
  4. This will open the "Notes" dialog.
  5. Add a Note
  6. You can't delete or edit the Note later.
  7. Click on "Add note"
  8. The Note will appear along with the date and time and the User that added it.

  9. Click on the back-arrow
  10. You will be back in the Project dialog.
The counter on the "Notes" icon reflects the number of added Notes.

Notes are a good way to communicate with your team. You saw that Sara marked the Project status as done? Congratulate her! Are you still waiting for that Report from Jim? Use Notes to remind him that he can set up Automatic Reports!

Visual Notifications for Project Notes

Group Resources by Projects in Chart View or use the Project List and Kanban View to see all Project titles.
  1. Click on the red (new) or blue (old) Notification icons
  2. This will open the Project's Notes section.

    In Chart View while Resources are grouped by Projects: 
    In List View: 
    In Kanban: 

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Notes For Projects