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Take control of your projects by keeping an eye on the Project history. Ganttic keeps track of any changes made to your Tasks, Projects, and Resources, allowing you to view each item’s history. 

Must-know about this feature

The history cannot be altered, so you have full access to what may have happened when you weren’t looking. History logs aren't available for reporting. Project history is also visible in the Account History Log. This is only accessible to admins. 
All Admins have access to the Project History, even if the project is private. For other Users, the History Log of public or shared Projects is accessible. If a User’s Project Permissions is set to “Hide Project details” and “Read Project Details” then the History is not available.

View Project History Log

  1. Click on a title of a Project
  2. This will open the Project Dialog. 
      You can access all Projects in the List or Chart/Custom View (if grouped by Projects).
  3. Click on "Project history" icon
  4. This will open the Project history log.

  5. Use the fields on top of the list to find a specific timeframe, item, action, user etc. 
  6. Click on the back-arrow on top left to return to the main Project Dialog.

  7. Click on the field headers/titles to sort the columns by A-Z or Z-A
  8. The up- or down-arrow will indicate with option is applied. 

You can also see when other project managers make changes to the Project's resource plan.

And if you want to take the most out of your resource scheduling tool, check the history before making a new resource plan. You can see how many times the Milestones were postponed or pushed forward. Helping you optimize accordingly.

Or check out our article on this update with some other ways logs can help your planning. 

Projects >

History For Projects