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Migrating from one tool to another can be quite a task. To make it a bit easier for you, import Resources, Projects, Tasks, and Data Fields from a CSV file. You can import all of them together or each one separately. 

Must-Know About This Feature

First, you need to select what you want to import. Then, simply download the template CSV file and fill it out. To import Tasks, you must have at least one Resource. If a Project or a Resource already exists in Ganttic with the title you enter to the import, the data will be overwritten. I.E. the data in Ganttic will be replaced with the data from the import. However, that rule does not apply to Tasks. If you import a Task with a title that already exists in Ganttic, a new Task with the same title will simply be added to your timeline.

The first row of each column is the row you really need to pay attention to. That's the row that will determine the type of the data that is being imported. You can enter the data to the columns in a random order since the columns are defined by the first row. You can use "," as well as ";" to separate the columns. All the column titles are case-sensitive, including Data Field titles. If there isn’t a match for the column title, the import is aborted. The data that you enter can be in quotes. 

Downloading a Template

  1. Click on the + icon on top left and select "IMPORT" from the list
  2. This will open the Data Import section.

  3. Select "Resources", "Tasks" or "Projects" from "Build a template" section on the right.
  4. The selection depends on what you need to import.
  5. Click on "Download template".
  6. A template with the options you have chosen will be downloaded to your computer.

  7. Open the template CSV and fill it with your data.
  8. After you have done it, make sure to save it as a CSV file.

If you want to import Data Fields and associated values then make sure the fields are created in Ganttic first. Otherwise, the titles/headers will not show up in the template CSV file.

Uploading the CSV File

If you're done filling in your data, save the file in CSV format (with UTF-8 character encoding) and go back to Ganttic's "Data import" section. 

  1. Select the CSV separator
  2. The symbol used to separate different values.
  3. Check "All day tasks" option
  4. It's needed if you want to convert your Tasks into full-day ones.
  5. Select a time-zone
  6. It's needed if the Tasks about to be imported are scheduled for another time zone. 

  1. Click on "Browse" to select your CSV file
  2. Make sure it's filled in correctly since the import won't start otherwise.
  3. Click on "Import data"
  4. If you followed the instructions, your data will be imported.

Importing Resource Data

To import Resources, you must have a column with Resource titles. The column must be titled with Res_Title_N. You can add Data Fields to Resources using the column title Res_N_Data(Title of the Data Field)

Mandatory column: Res_Title_N (Resource title; N – the queue number 1…n, needed if there are Tasks that are connected to multiple Resources; see the examples below)

Non-mandatory column title: Res_N_Data(Title of the Data Field)

Example of importing only Resources: 

Res_Title_1Res_1_Data (Location)Res_1_Data (Resource Group)Res_1_Data (Resource Type)
LauraLondonProject ManagersSenior Project Manager
JamesLondonDesignersUI Designer
JenniferChicagoManagementMarketing Manager
Meeting Room 1TokyoFacilitiesMeeting Room

Importing Project Data

To import Projects, you must have a column with Project titles. The column must be titled with Project_Title. As it was with resources, you can add Data Fields to Projects using the column title Proj_Data(Title of the Data Field).

Mandatory column title: Project_Title

Non-mandatory column title: Proj_Data(Title of the custom data field) 

Example of importing nothing but Projects: 

Project_TitleProj_Data(Status)Proj_Data(Start Time)Proj_Data(Deadline)Proj_Data(Manager)
#78941In progress2017-09-042017-11-30Laura

Importing Task Data

To import Tasks, you must have a column for the start and end date and time of the Tasks (Task_Start_Date_Time; Task_End_Date_Time). You can but don't have to add a title column (Task_Title) or columns for Data Fields [Task_Data(Title of the custom data field)]. Also, it's not needed to have specific Task times. You can use dates only but in this case times have to be marked as 00:00. To import Tasks with predefined load/utilization %, it is needed to add a column with the title Task_Util. Then simply add the percentage number/load (without the % symbol) to each Task's Task_Util cell. 

Mandatory column titles: Task_Start_Date_Time; Task_End_Date_Time.

Non-mandatory column titles: Task_Title; Task_Data(Title of the custom data field); Task_Util

Example of importing Tasks only:

Res_Title_1 Res_Title_2Project_Title
Task_Data(Task Status)
Laura James#78941
2017-09-11 08:00
2017-09-11 10:00
James#78941UI Mockup
2017-09-11 10:00
2017-09-15 16:00
In progress
Jennifer Laura
Marketing plan2017-09-11 13:00
2017-09-11 16:00
The mandatory date and time format is yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm. If the start and/or finish time of the Task is not given with 15-minute accuracy, it will be rounded up.  If you have all-day Tasks and Tasks that are not all-day Tasks, import them separately.

Importing Data Fields

When importing Data Fields, you must assign a Resource, a Project, or a Task to it.

You can only add values to Data Fields with the import function. You must create the actual Data Fields in Ganttic beforehand. 

You can only add values to Data Fields using import. You can’t add any new Data Fields. If there isn’t a Data Field in Ganttic with the title that is in the import file, the import will be aborted. If the Data Field has a value in Ganttic but you enter a new value to the import file, the value that already excited in Ganttic will be overwritten. When you add a LIST type Data Field value to the import, that doesn't exist in Ganttic, the missing value is automatically added (i.e. you add a new value to the list of values). The mandatory format for DATE type of Data Field is: YYYY-MM-DD

It is not possible to import LINK or USER type Data Fields.

Importing Everything at Once

Example of importing everything at once:
Task_TitleTask_Start_Date_TimeTask_End_Date_TimeTask_Data(Task Status)Task_UtilProject_Title
Meeting2017-09-11 08:002017-09-11 10:00Finished100#78941
UI Mockup2017-09-11 10:002017-09-15 16:00In progress75#78941
Marketing plan2017-09-11 13:002017-09-11 16:00Finished50

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Data Import