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It never stops with the team, does it? There’s always a need to share the plans with the clients, the upper management, the contractors or other stakeholders. Instead of printing out the Gantt Chart View, you can now share the Views with a link.

For example, if you share the resource schedule with the client, they can check the progress without sending emails endlessly back and forth. If you share the view with the upper management, you can easily discuss everything that’s going on with the project portfolios without printing anything out or without a detailed brief. If you need to discuss a resource conflict with another manager, you can send them a link beforehand with the problem in focus.

Must-know about this feature

Inside the link-based shared view, the only option for the stakeholders is to navigate the timeline. They can’t use the view settings. Nevertheless, make sure you are filtering out the things that they don’t need to see. You must select an expiration date for the link before sharing it. If you make any changes to the plan before the expiration date, the shared plan will be updated as well. Make sure to save the changes to the view to make that happen. A reload of the shared URL is needed to receive the changes on the other end.

Open a Custom View

  1. Click the "Views" icon on the sidebar 
  2. This will open the list of existing Custom Views. 

  3. Open the Custom View you want to share
  4. Click on the title or select multiple ones and hit "Open". 

Share a Custom View

  1. Click on the "Share" icon on top right
  2. This will open a dialog window with sharing options.

  3. Click on the calendar icon 
  4. Select an expiry date for the shared view.
    Enabling "Lock timeline" will make the timeline of the shared view non-navigable. It is NOT enabled by default. 

  5. Click on "Start sharing"
  6. Click "OK" to confirm.

  7. Copy or recreate the URL 
  8. Or stop sharing.

    Be mindful about what you share. Although it's not possible to edit the view using the link, the shared view will be updated according to the changes made in Ganttic (Filtering, Coloring, Grouping, etc and changes made to Resources, Tasks and Projects). A reload of the shared URL is needed to receive the updates.
The "Shared" icon will be displayed in red if the View is shared via URL.

Want to share single Project Views instead? Click here for detailed instructions.

Custom Views >

Share Custom Views