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Here you are going find a description and the know-how of the basics, and the advanced planning methods of Ganttic. Think of it as a user manual with pictures. If you want, you can just go over the stuff in bold, you will have the basic working knowledge. If you want to go in depths or are looking an answer to a specific question, go over the whole fireworks. 

Get acquainted with the Menu

We are going to go over everything that's in our features menu briefly, so you would know where to find what you are looking for. 

What are Resources?

Resources are everything and everyone that need to be planned. Is your designer Matt a Resource? Yes. Is your meeting room a Resource? Yes. Is an assembly line in a factory a Resource? Yes. Is a truck a Resource? Yes. So if you have a question regarding Resources, you'll probably find an answer there.

What are Tasks?

Tasks are the assignments for people and bookings for rooms and equipment. For example, you wanting your designer Matt to do the layout design for a booklet would be a Task in Ganttic. Anything and everything about Tasks starting with timing and ending with filtering, you'll find there.

What are Projects?

Projects are what group your Tasks together. If you need information about how to create a Project or something more profound, click on it. 

What's a Timeline?

A Timeline is a line with the time. Literally. It shows the time period that is displayed in the View that is open in your planner. And under the Timeline tab, you will find everything about it.

What or who are Users?

Users are the actual people that are using Ganttic. The ones that log into the planner and set up plans or view the plans that others have made. If you have any questions regarding the people in your team that use Ganttic, check Users tab.

What are Reports?

Reports are the output of your plans which you can create in Ganttic. You want to know how or have some other question? Reports tab will help you out.

What does customization mean?

Under customization, you will find everything that helps your data fit Ganttic, and everything that makes maneuvering in Ganttic easier and the overview of your plans better. Starting with Views and ending with setting a default time period for your planner.

What is Utilization tracking?

Utilization tracking is the feature that will help you to keep track of the workload of your Resources.

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