User already exists with this email?

Occasionally it may happen that when adding a new User, the following error message is displayed: 

First, please double-check your existing Ganttic User list to see if the User has already been added. This can be done via the "Users" button (bottom left, on the sidebar). Please note, that only admin users can access this list, as well as add new Users.

If this is not the case, then it means that this email address is already in use with another Ganttic account. Please select a a different email address to fix the situation.

In most cases it means that the User has already registered a separate Ganttic account (i.e. via Google SSO). Please contact the User and ask him/her to delete the account as only a single unique email address per account is allowed. This will will free up the email address and you can send out the invitation to the desired email address. Allowing the User to access your Ganttic account. 

For any questions or comments please reach out to