Problems Saving Tasks

If you have problems viewing and saving your Tasks and if reload is needed, your web proxy might be blocking WebSocket connections.

WebSocket is a technology Ganttic uses for data exchange. All the changes are pushed back from server to browser through WebSockets. This makes all changes visible in real time.

You can check if WebSocket technology is supported by your browser here:

  1. Check "Use secure WebSocket (TLS)" box
  2. Click "Connect"
  3. Click "Send"
  4. You should see the the text "RECEIVED: Rock it with HTML5 WebSocket" in "Log box"

Please note that this is just a test, not a fix to a problem. If you get different response you should talk to your IT about proxy connections. Current HTML5 version of Ganttic requires also a web browser supporting Websockets. All common and up to date browsers do. So upgrading your browser may help as well.